Grand National 32 Cribbage Tournament

This month, I will be headed to Sandy Springs, Georgia to compete in the second largest cribbage tournament in the United States. The tournament is called the Grand National. This is the thirty-second time it’s been held. The Grand National is the only cribbage tournament that travels to a new city every year. Last year it was in Appleton, Wisconsin which was unexpectedly fun because it had tons of local clubs and restaurants within walking distance from the hotel.

I was going to tell you the city I most enjoyed visiting for the Grand National, but there have been several. The site for the Lincoln City, Oregon tourney was right on the beach and it was breathtaking. The one in Portland, Maine was near the coast and was also amazing. Did you know that Maine has a desert? I didn’t either. In 2010, my friends and I traveled to Virginia Beach, Virginia. We considered buying a time share there! Each city has it’s own history and culture. It’s fun to take time to visit the local sites.

No matter the city, the Grand National tournament is always fun. It usually pulls in anywhere from 200 to 500 players. Tournaments start at 2pm Thursday and run through Sunday. With all this cribbage, it’s hard to find time for other things. My friends and I think we will sneak away for a while on Friday and check out the local sites. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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